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GED Class Attendance and Participation Agreement

Welcome to PATHWAY FORWARD. We are proud that you have chosen to take a step toward completing your goals. To be a success, you must make a solid commitment to your future. 

Why is Attendance Important?


Your presence in class matters! Your attendance affects

  • How fast you learn and reach your goals

  • Class morale. Yes, your contributions are important to the class!

  • The future of the program.


We know that missing a class is sometimes unavoidable.

  • If you miss a class, you are required to notify your instructor.

  • We will record your attendance


Stopping Out

Sometimes students must take time off or “stop out” of class due to particular circumstances. You can request a “stop out” for a specific reason and time period. You can do this if you talk to your instructor and make a plan for returning to class.


You may forfeit your participation in the program if you:

  • Disappear – fail to notify your instructor that you are no longer going to attend class

  • Attend class but come unprepared or otherwise show a lack of interest in your own progress.

  • Consistently arrive late to class, leave class early, have more than two consecutive absences without calling, or attend less than the agreed upon schedule will be reason to re-evaluate a student’s continued enrollment in the program.


  • are suspected of being under the influence of alcohol or drugs while in class. 

  • Use offensive or demeaning language or make inappropriate gestures.

  • Engage in threatening behavior, physical contact, or sexual harassment.

  • Offend the personal rights of other students and staff including their race, gender, religious beliefs, cultural customs, and/or sexual orientation.


Classroom Behavior

  • Students must turn off (silence) cell phones before entering class.

  • Students must turn off and remove headphones before entering class.

It is the responsibility of each student to read and follow these policies and procedures while enrolled in the PATHWAY FORWARD Program.

Best wishes in your journey!

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Pathway Forward LOGO-Final.png